Build A Better Bond.

Training Methodology

Sharp Dogs follows the scientifically based guidelines of positive reinforcement in all of our dog training. We do not use physical punishment, intimidation, or fear when training dogs (or their people!). Animal learning research shows that any behavior that is rewarded is repeated (and that punishment slows down the training process).

In our training, we focus on teaching the dog what to do by rewarding the right behavioral choice (such as loose leash walking, coming when called, etc.). We also set the dog up to succeed in making this right choice during training rather than setting him up to make a mistake.

You’ll learn how to motivate your dog using treats, play, social, and even environmental rewards instead of focusing on bad behavior. As Jean Donaldson says “Dogs do what works.”

Reward-based methods make sense to your dog and do not involve the use of physical punishment, discomfort, fear, or intimidation. In this approach, both you, your family and your dog will enjoy learning.

Privacy Policy

Sharp Dogs respects the privacy of our clients. We may relay case information to other professionals but your identity and your dog’s identity will not be disclosed.

We will ask your permission to share training and behavior reports, as well as information about your dog’s medical/behavioral history, with your veterinarian.

The purpose of sharing any information is to provide you with high-quality service.