Build A Better Bond.


Just You & Your Dog & The Puppy Primer

The Sharp solution for busy you and your pooch!

How does You and Your Dog private training work?

Sharp Dogs’ private training allows you and your dog to be coached and trained together. The training can cover basic skills as well as target specific issues that you are having with your dog. Most often private training sessions take place in your home. This is a great way to get individual attention on goals specific to you and will give you the know-how to be successful.

What is the Initial Consultation?
In our first meeting, the Initial Consultation, we talk about your dog’s current behaviors and skills, your goals for your dog’s behavior, and we discuss a training plan for turning these goals into realities. We then schedule the training sessions that we will need.

The number of recommended training sessions depends on variables, such as your dog’s current level of training, time put into training, or the seriousness of their behavior problems.

What is the Puppy Primer?

Our Puppy Primer is a 2-hour session where we give you in-home, individualized help for you and your new puppy or pre-adoption puppy that’s coming home soon!

We answer questions and concerns specific to you. We also cover logistical issues, such as where your puppy will sleep & how to set up your home to best fit your needs and the puppy’s.
Plus we review management techniques to put into place to help you address common challenges that come with having a puppy.

The process make integrating your puppy into your life much easier — a great start to a lifetime friendship!

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us at Let us know what you need.

We’ll schedule an Initial Consultation or Puppy Primer session that takes place with you, your dog and the trainer.

Service area: NE 65th St. to NE 145th St. and Greenwood Ave N to 35th Ave NE. (if you are outside this area, contact us. We may be able to provide services to you.)


Initial Consultation:  $185
1.5 – 2 hours of in-home consultation with you, your family and your dog.

2-hour Puppy Primer: $190

Subsequent Private Training and Coaching by the hour:  $100

Multiple-session discounts available for buying a training package of 5 or more sessions.