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Private Training

Sharp Dogs–Offering services that meet your individual needs

 You and Your Dog—Private Training

Sharp Dogs’ private training allows you and your dog to be coached and trained together. The training can cover basic skills as well as target specific issues that you are having with your dog. Most often private training sessions take place in your home. This is a great way to get individual attention on specific goals & provide you with the know-how to be successful.

In our first meeting, the Initial Consultation, we talk about your dog’s current behaviors and skills, your goals for your dog’s behavior, and we discuss a training plan for turning these goals into realities. We then schedule the training sessions that we will need.

The number of recommended training sessions depends on variables, such as your dog’s current level of training, time put into training, and the seriousness of their behavior problems.

Pre-Adoption—Puppy or Dog

This Primer is a 2-hour in-home consult providing you with the information necessary for bringing a new dog into your home:

  • Making the dog’s transition as easy as possible
  • Your new pet shopping list
  • Where your dog sleeps at night
  • What to do with your dog when you’re not home
  • Best basic skills your  dog should learn
  • Understanding dog behavior and body language
  • Plus any other questions you want to ask

A great head start to a lifetime friendship with your new puppy or dog!


Settling In—New Puppy or Dog

Your new dog has been adopted but you still have questions about meeting your dog’s and your own. This two-hour, in-home consultation covers post-adoption considerations such as:

  • Handling unwanted behaviors
  • Addressing your dog’s emotional needs
  • Considerations for your dog’s home-alone time
  • Putting management into place to address common challenges
  • Understanding your dog’s new & changing behaviors
  • Knowing the next crucial steps

The Settling In session helps lay the foundation to a harmonious life together!


Urban Dog Training Program—Apartment/Condo Living

The Urban Dog Training Program  is a 10-session, 3-4 week program* geared towards urban dwellers living in city apartment or condo buildings. It addresses training skills particularly useful in maintaining good relations with the management and neighbors, and other considerations for easy daily living, such as:

  • Leaving home—Staying next to you while you exit your home & lock your door
  • Elevator manners—from waiting for its arrival to traveling on and calmly getting off
  • Lobby and hallway manners
  • Polite interactions with people
  • Walking nicely on leash
  • Necessary skills such as coming when called, paying attention to you, waiting to cross streets, & others

After the Initial Consultation, the 10 sessions are broken up as follows:

#1-3: You, your dog, & the trainer— #4-7: The trainer & your dog—#8 -10: You, your dog & the trainer

Urban living has never been easier!

How Do I Get Started?

Let us know what you need.

Contact us at

After you fill out a basic questionnaire and agreement form, we can schedule a consultation.

Service Area: NE 45th St. to NE 145th St. and Greenwood Ave N to 35th Ave NE

If you are outside this area, please contact us; we may be able to accommodate you


•  Initial Behavior/Training Consultation: $190/1.5 to 2 hours

  Pre-Adoption Consultation—Puppy or Dog Consult: $190/1.5 to 2 hours

  Settling In Consultation—New Puppy or Dog Consult: $190/1.5 to 2 hours

•  Urban Dog Program–Apartment/Condo Living  Training Package (10 sessions incl. Initial Consult): $1115

•  Private training per hour (requires an Initial Consultation, Pre-Adoption, or Settling-In Consult) $100