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Services & Rates

Sharp Dogs–Offering services that meet your individual needs

Service Area: NE 45th St. to NE 145th St. and Greenwood Ave N to 35th Ave NE

  • If you are outside this area, please contact us; we may be able to accommodate you!

Sharp Dogs’ private training allows you and your dog to be coached and trained together. This is a great way to get individual attention on specific goals & provide you with the know-how to be successful. The training can cover basic skills as well as target specific issues that you are having with your dog.

Initial Consultations

In our first meeting, the Initial Consultation, we talk about your dog’s current behaviors and skills, your goals for your dog’s behavior, and we discuss a training plan that addresses your goals.

The consultation can address basic training needs as well as behavioral issues, which can include, in part puppy mouthing & nipping,, reactivity to people/dogs on walks, intense behavior when people come over, and the relationship between dogs in a multi-dog household.

The number of recommended training sessions depend on variables, such as your dog’s current level of training, the time you put into training, the seriousness of their behavior problems and length of time your dog has performing their problem behavior.

New Puppy or Dog—Settling In Consultation

  • This 2-hour consult is held via Zoom and provides you with information for making the post-adoption transition easiest for both you and your dog.

A great head start to a lifetime friendship with your new puppy or dog!

How Do I Get Started?

Let us know what you need!

Contact us at

In our reply, we will include links to a basic questionnaire and agreement form as well as a document outlining our rates. Once your forms are received, we can confirm your scheduled Initial Confirmation.


 Initial Consultation$220/1.5 to 2 hours

New Puppy or Dog—Settling In Consultation$220/1.5 to 2 hours 

After Initial Consult: Discounted training packages are available for 5 or more training sessions: Contact us for discount prices 

Private training per hour (requires an Initial Consultation):  $125